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Understanding Your Bill


Each month, your cooperative generates and sends you a bill for the energy you used during that billing period. Your energy use is tracked by our automated meter reading system and reported daily to our billing system. At the end of your billing period, our systems calculate how much electricity you have used and create a bill for that amount. Two key benefits to you of our automated system are the elimination of estimated consumption which do not accurately reflect your real use and human error that can result in incorrect bills. As a Sussex REC member, you can be assured of the most accurate bill possible.

The bill itself provides more information than just what you owe the cooperative. It also tells you what goes into the total amount and shows you how much electricity you have used in the past 13 months. Information like this can help you track consumption and look for ways to conserve. The graphic below provides you with a thumbnail look at a typical bill. Clicking on it will bring up a full size version for easier viewing. You will notice a series of circled numbers on this example. The text below the graphic provides definitions and information for each entry. This information can help you understand your bill more completely.

Front of SREC Bill                     

1) Summary area with notes such as your Account Number, Bank Draft, Do Not Pay, the amount due, the Due Date and other payment messages.

2) Your billing address which may differ from your service address in number 5.

3) The Map Number is used by SREC to locate your physical position on our system for use in service, maintenance and other efforts.

4) Your unique account number. Also displayed in 1.

5) Your service address. This is where the power is used and may differ from your billing address shown in number 2.

6) Your rate code. This determines the price per kilowatt hours and any other service charges and is based on whether you are a residential, ETS, business or commercial customer.

7) Your actual energy charges for the current billing period. We collect this data from our automated meter reading system which increases our accuracy and helps us manage our costs.

8) You may also see other energy charges on your bill if you have purchased our Electric Thermal Storage system and are heating your home using our lower, off-peak rate.

9) Any other charges or credits are noted separately.

10) This message area contains information of possible interest to you.

11) This area shows how your energy use has trended over the past 13 months and gives you a visual idea about your energy use by month. This can help you spot peak use and take action to reduce consumption through conservation and efficiency improvements.


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