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SREC Resources

A Wholly owned subsidiary of Sussex rural electric cooperative

NJ Licensed Elec Contractor #15375A


Commercial Grade Power for Your Home

Our line of Cummins Quiet Connect Series residential generators are designed and manufactured in the United States. Their powerful engines married with the Cummins fuel systems, generator and controls insure the highest possible quality and reliability. Self-diagnostics and automatic exercise mean that your generator will run when you need it, every time!

Generators the SREC Resources Way

There is more to generators than meets the eye. It involves a fair amount of effort to size and select the generator that is right for you. While not an impossible task, you may prefer to have help in the process.

SREC Resources has the requisite knowledge to make your generator purchase a pleasant and successful experience. We can aid in the sizing, selection and installation of generators from 13kW to 100kW.

Contact us today for help in picking the perfect generator for your needs.

  esources offers a full range of electrical contracting services for businesses of all sizes.

Our services include standard low voltage work (up to 480 volt, three-phase), high voltage primary (up to 34,500 volts), controls and metering, and even standby power generation (from 20KW to 2MW).

SREC Resources also configures and installs Cummins generators from small home standby units for residential homes to 2MW industrial units for factories, schools, and offices. Our generators help people and businesses maintain power during outages from storms or other causes. For customers that are on Sussex Rural Electric's lines, we can even help them save money on their power bills by switching them to our commercial interruptible power rates. Depending on how large of a load the building has, customers can save a few hundred to over a thousand dollars per month!


Ballyowen Golf Club: the good times not interrupted - Read Case Study

High voltage contracting work focuses on large commercial and industrial customers who need their electricity at what we term distribution voltages: 12,000 or even 35,000 volts. Utilities use these voltages to move electricity between substations and to outlying areas where transformers step it down to the levels needed for connection to homes and business. As you can imagine, working with power at these levels requires special skills and experience. In these projects, SREC Resources creates a team that includes line crews to provide competitively priced services to larger customers. This high voltage work occurs on power lines and electrical systems that the customer owns, "behind the meter", so to speak.

  • Traditional electrical contracting - installation and service
    • Circuits, distribution panels, code corrections, motors, controls.
  • Distribution systems (high and low voltage)
  • Cummins Generator systems, 20KW to 2MW
    • Emergency, peak shaving & back-up
    • Installation, service, maintenance
  • Utility construction: overhead and underground primary and secondary electrical systems. Voltages up to 34.5kV.
    • Pole-line construction, cabling, trenching, terminations
  • Interior and exterior lighting systems, including parking lots.
    • High efficiency retrofits, high pressure, LED & inductive fixtures
  • Maintenance and service of electrical facilities
    • Routine and preventative
  • Project Management




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