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Rates & Fees

Your Cooperative's primary objective is to provide the highest possible quality of electric service at the lowest possible price.

The following is an overview of our residential service rates and fees.

Residential Service (NY rates designated by NYS)
Available to consumers for year-round and seasonal use, subject to established rules and regulations of the Co-op. Type of Service: Single-phase, 60 cycles, at available secondary voltages.

Monthly Residential Rate (as of 2/1/2019):

  (includes NJ State Sales Tax)
Facility Charge (monthly)


Energy Charge (per kWh) $0.1094731
PCA Charge (per kWh) $0.0021945

Commercial and contract rates are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Our complete tariff can be accessed here.

Schedule of Fees

(Fees subject to change)

Reconnect Charge:
During Business Hours $20.00
After Hours $50.00

Trip Charge: $25.00

Returned Check: $20.00

The need for a deposit will be determined using our online service for residential services.

2nd Meter Test in 12 months: Billed the direct cost to replace and test the meter.
New deposit if delinquent: Up to 2 months average bill.
Security light vandalism repair (2nd occurrence): $70.00

Security, Flood & Decorative Lights

Exterior lights are available for your property. Please click here for options, rates and fees.

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