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Money Saving Tips

Every home is a complex energy system - from hot water and air conditioning, to cooking, lighting, heating, refrigeration and entertainment.                  

Energy management - the efficient use of energy - is often the result (or a part) of sound energy conservation practices. But conservation alone does not always reflect good energy management, especially where electricity is concerned.

Because alternating current (AC) electricity can’t be stored, the time when it is used becomes important. For example, using electricity during off-peak hours does not conserve electricity, but is a wise management of this energy resource.

According to the U.S. Council for Energy Awareness, the average family spends about $2,000 to $4,000 each year directly for energy. By applying the following energy guidelines and appliance-use tips, you could easily save big bucks annually. 

You will find many helpful ways to save money and save vital resources throughout this site.  Check out this useful publication on ways to save money around your home.












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