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L-E-D-ing The Way to Better Energy Efficiency

At the Annual Meeting and in the June issue of Currents we informed our members that every one of our members is getting a gift of four LED light bulbs from Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative– for free!  It’s part of an  energy efficiency plan that Allegheny Electric Cooperative, our power generation provider, unveiled this year where all 230,000 cooperative households across New Jersey and Pennsylvania will receive these bulbs.  We encourage you to replace four standard incandescent bulbs in your home with these 60-watt equivalent, soft white LED bulbs.  You save: it is projected that each bulb will save you over $6 per year in energy costs, for over 20 years.  That box of four bulbs has about $500 in savings in it.  The Cooperative saves: the combined effect of all the lightbulbs installed will help reduce our power costs, as it reduces the need for Allegheny to purchase power on the open market, above what its own assets generate.  We all save: just like our water heater program, by reducing our operating costs, we can continue to keep your electricity rate as one of the lowest in the state of NJ.  This allows us to continue our focus on providing the highest quality of service to our membership at the lowest possible price.


Some members who have already received their lightbulbs have asked if they can purchase more.  Allegheny Electric is looking into this possibility and we will keep you updated as information becomes available.  Certainly, LED lightbulbs are available at a host of retail stores but this  particular light is not sold in stores. 


Boxes are being delivered daily.  If you do not receive your box by August 17th, please contact our office at 973-875-5101 or at and we will make sure a pack of bulbs is sent to you.  There are directions in the box for replacements if the bulbs are damages in shipment.  For more information check out the June issue of Currents.           



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