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Help paying your bill

There may be a time when you just can't seem to make ends meet. An illness, injury, loss of job...anything can cause you to fall behind. If you find yourself in this situation with your electric bill, call us, we may be able to help.

Payment Options - Levelized Billing and Arrangements

Levelized billing helps even out your monthly payments by using a 12 month rolling average of your actual consumption. This is especially helpful for people with electric heat or who use air conditioning. You have to be current in your payments to join this program. Call us for complete details.

Another solution is called an "arrangement". You agree to pay 30% of the outstanding account balance and then the remainder is paid according to the payment schedule you work out with our Billing Department. You can make only one deferred payment arrangement per twelve (12) month period. Payments must be made in the office on or before the due date. Additionally, the arrangement does NOT include any forthcoming bills which must be paid by their due date.

Government Assistance Programs

If You Live in New Jersey...
Energy assistance programs are available from a number of State and Federal governmental agencies.

Please keep in mind that certain programs you may hear about are not open to everyone in the State of New Jersey. Included in this category:

  • Universal Service Fund (USF) Program - For Elizabethtown Gas and JCP&L customers only.

  • New Jersey SHARES - JCP&L, PSE&G customers only.


Social Services in New Jersey may be aware of additional resources and programs. In Sussex County, call them at 973-383-3600.


The program available Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative members energy assistance is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP. You may also hear it referred to as HEAP and HEA. Click here to get to the main page of NJ Department of Community Resources where you can learn more about this and other NJ assistance programs.

For a downloadable application, click here. The applications are only available to download during specific times of year. This requires Adobe Reader. 

Important Notes:

  1. You are subject to being disconnected even during the Winter Moratorium.

  2. You must reapply every year.

  3. You must notify us that you have been accepted in the program, they do not inform us directly.

  4. Required documentation is extensive and applications are not accepted without all the items. Be sure you have everything before going to apply.


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