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Application for Service

Welcome to your cooperative!

If you are familiar with Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative or with electric cooperatives in general, you already know what it means to be a Member. If you are not, read on and we will tell you a little about what makes us different.  At Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative we focus on delivering the highest quality power at the best possible rate and take pride in our ability to work directly with our Members. The personal touch is still in vogue with your cooperative.

Each cooperative is founded upon seven principles and this is where we clearly demonstrate the difference between our business model and that of an investor owned company. Unlike stock based companies where the largest voting block of stock wields the most power, in a cooperative every Member has equal influence.

What does this mean to you? Personal attention to your needs and a commitment to operate the business in a manner that puts the reliability, quality and safety of your electric service before all else. Welcome!

How to Apply for Service

Please note that your property must be located within our service area to receive service from the Cooperative. We also do not participate in the retail choice program of the State of NJ.

Currently, you may obtain an application for electric service one of three ways:

  1. You may apply online here.
  2. You can come to Sussex REC's office,
  3. You may receive an application by mail or
  4. You may download an application here.

Upon completion of the form, you can bring it by the office or mail it to us. If you submit your application by mail, you must return the application with all of your deposit (see below for details on waiver of the deposit) and membership fees before your service can be connected. A signed Right-of-Way may also be required.

Photo ID

It is an unfortunate fact that identity theft and similar crimes are on the rise. In an effort to protect everyone involved, we may also request a photo ID as part of the application process.


You will be required to pay a $5 membership fee which is refunded at such time as you leave the Sussex REC system. Please NOTE: Should you for any reason change the name on your account, you will be required as part of our Capital Credit program, to open another account and pay the $5 membership fee. Names follow specific membership numbers. Your original $5 will be refunded to you under the first account.

A security deposit, based on the type of service requested, may also be required. We determine the need for a deposit using an external service. This service is a nationwide, utility-oriented company that advises us regarding the need for a deposit. They base their recommendations on data available from financial and other institutions.

Deposits for commercial accounts are dependent upon the type (class) of service and estimated usage.

Security deposits on residential accounts will be applied to the account upon receipt of a written request and after twelve (12) months of prompt payment on the total monthly bill. Please note that should a deposit be re-imposed due to payment issues, it will remain in place for twelve (12) months. After this period, it will be treated in the same manner as the initial deposit. Deposits reinstated for such reasons will be two times the average monthly bill.



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